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We can supply stirrers of all differing sizes - rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise - dried naturally or fired to 950°C


Gathering Balls:

We produce these with a diameter ranging from 40-200mm - fired to 1320°C
with standard acme thread

16 x 6 mm
18 x 7 mm
20 x 8 mm


Laboratory Crucibles:

These are supplied both to the glass-industry for melting tests and also for general laboratory use.


Furnace materials:

We can deliver fired or unfired materials e-g-stoppers, according to customers' specifications


Debiteuses, Underbridges, Blocks and Floaters used in the Fourcault-system.
These are made to order from Original Grossalmeroder Debiteuse clay and are supplied completely finished in an un-fired state.

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